The origin  of our
houses is in dreams

The dream of making a cleaner
and more sustainable

The dream of our customers to
get the house of their life

Roibos, reference architecture studio in modern design houses

If you are thinking of building your new home in style,  in Roibos we can help if you have an idea of your future home, the decoration you want, its interiors, what the rooms and spaces will be like, etc.

We carry out a wide variety of modern, sustainable, design and green house architecture projects.

Design houses

All the houses we build have the best architecture and design. Our projects are taken care of in detail, both in the design and in the construction and the interior style of your rooms.

Ecological houses

We design and build homes that are efficient and sustainable. We use materials that are respectful of the environment, and in your day to day you will have energy efficient technologies, which will favor rational consumption and savings.

Modern custom homes

We build homes that adapt to you, making each project unique. We adapt your house to the needs of your family, to how you want to live each moment of the day, each atmosphere of your home, with all the benefits and comfort.