Roibos method


At Roibos we build your house so it meets your every need. We don’t just prepare a project, we immerse ourselves in it. This level of implication is the only way we can guarantee your satisfaction. We’re on your side and by your side.

We have rethought every aspect of standard construction. Having defined a new Roibos work methodology. Including a detailed implementation plan and with the highest possible control over the entire construction process. Our system is innovative, agile, safe and efficient.

Our method can be summarised in five concepts:

Professionalism and experience

Our team is young and dynamic. We have accumulated decades of experience in building turnkey customised houses.

At Roibos we specialise in building modern single-family houses, with contemporary designs, environmentally friendly and tailored to each client.

Our company is based in Barcelona. We provide comprehensive architecture, engineering and interior design services.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

We build eco-efficient houses. Achieving the highest level of comfort with very low energy consumption. Your home can be a passive house with a consumption of less than 15 kWh/m2 per year.

Houses are insulated using an innovative continuous interior system in each wall, floor and ceiling on every level. Thus avoiding all thermal bridges. We install the latest technology used in the aeronautical and healthcare sectors.

The most appropriate interior distribution allows us to make the most of natural sunlight and enhances natural cross-ventilation. This provides greater efficiency and significant energy savings.

Our manufacturing and construction process is highly respectful with the environment. We only use natural materials, bioclimatic designs, efficient facilities and the latest technology to achieve minimum carbon footprint.

Eco-efficient houses

Technological innovation

Technological innovation

Each project has its material: concrete, wood or steel. Each requirement has its perfect solution. We design your house piece by piece. To then send for the parts to be manufactured. Lastly, once on-site, we assemble the parts together to the millimetre. The entire process is completed in much less time than you would imagine.

This app grants you access to the entire design and construction process. So we can all be part of the same team. Here we share our photos, comments, basically our everyday advances.

We see the key principle of home automation as an element that makes your everyday life easier. Enabling you to control all aspects within your home in a simple and easy manner. Internet of the Things is no longer the future, it is part of our present day.

Using water in a responsible manner: accumulating rainwater for its use for flushing toilets or for watering the garden.

Strict compliance with the agreed budget and timing

At Roibos we define the implementation and delivery deadlines at the start of the project. Soon after approving the quote, you will know the date on which you can move into your new home. We guarantee this.

We respect the costs and delivery times. Thanks to our new construction methodology, ensuring the cost and delivery deadline is an exact science.

Personal and customised attention

Construcción personalizada

We work in the interest of meeting your needs. Together. Working with you side by side to find solutions for all your needs. Because we are aware that building your home is one of the most important moments of your life.

Your new home ready to move into. Leave everything to us: we can deal with the interior design, home automation, landscaping…

We’ll carry out the design. Deal with the construction. Coordinate the work teams. Dealing with all the formalities for you. You’ll have the house of your dreams without all the nightmares involved in the process.

You’ll also be offered an after-sale service, as nobody knows our houses better than us.